WIP – RC Gerbera Tetra – 01

Disclaimer : I’m perfectly aware “Gunpla” is the name of a model kit made by Bandai, and the fact that my first post on “Vae’s Gunpla” is a third-party kit doesn’t escape me 🙂

With that said, Bandai never made a 1/100 Gerbera Tetra, so it’s kind of a grey area IMO. But don’t worry, I’ve already made a lot of Bandai kits and have a lot more in my backlog, so expect to see some Gunpla goodness soon 😉

I’m a huge fan of the Gerbera Tetra’s design, I have no idea why. Maybe it’s the head, or the big shoulder thrusters ?


Gundam Wikia’s picture


Wait wait wait, don’t go. Check this drawing :



Anyway, it’s a suit I really wanted to have in my collection. And, as a matter of fact, I already own one :


An old, hand-painted custom I made


The thing is, HGs are a bit too small for my taste, but Bandai never made a 1/100 scale model of this suit. Resin being out of the question with my current skills, my only option is this :




Introducing the most god-awful model kit ever made ! While I’m very fond of the mobile suit design, I can safely say that this is the worst model kit I’ve ever built. Warped plastic, stress marks, tight/loose fits, bad proportions, you name it… The picture above is straight out-of-box build, except for the hands. I’m using Kotobukiya’s Wild Hands, and with a bit of putty on the ball joint it fits like a glove (no pun intended).

So, while the end goal is to customize/detail the kit to end up as close as possible to that awesome drawing, I’m gonna have to fix a lot of issues with the kit beforehand…


First order of business : the arms.


Something looks off…


To be honest, that part isn’t THAT bad, except maybe for the power cables that will require glue to stay in place, and a bit of putty to fill some recesses. No, the real problem with the arms is their length. I don’t know if you noticed on the full picture, but the Gerbera Tetra looks like it has T-Rex arms.




Now, altering proportions is no easy feat for beginners. It’s usually achieved by sawing a part, adding one/several layer(s) of plaplate, glueing/cementing the parts together, and A LOT of putty/sanding to make the modification barely noticeable (for armor parts, inner frame parts usually don’t need so much attention). Easier said than done, when you have to consider articulation as well as armor attachment pegs. Fortunatly, in this particular case, there’s a place in the upper arm where nothing is in the way and where I could happily saw :


Always a bit scary to do on an expensive kit 🙂


Using a caliper, I decided that adding around 4-5mm (about 0.2in) would be good. That’s huge, as far as altering proportions go, but IMO it’s necessary. We’ll see when it’s done if I was right 🙂


So I cut 4 pieces of plaplate and cemented them using plastic cement to one part of the arm :


Notice the mistake ? I didn’t…


After letting it cure overnight, I realized I made a pretty big mistake : the left and right part of the arm on the picture above are supposed to separate, in order to attach to the rest of the arm.




Well, not when they’re glued together they don’t… Fortunately that’s pretty easy to fix, but annoying nonetheless…


That’s it for my first post, I hope you guys liked it !


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