WIP – RC Gerbera Tetra – 02

Last time I altered the arms proportions. While waiting for the plastic cement to cure, I started working on the shoulder modification :


That’s some big-ass thruster…


I’m planning (for now) two things for the shoulders. I’ll start by ditching those silly-looking thrusters and go for metal ones.


Shiny !

I’m not sure about the color scheme yet, but I’ll paint the red part metallic blue if needed. I’ll also modify the shoulders by adding plaplate to correct the odd angle between the red and the white parts (see the black lines I drew on the shoulder picture above), and to look more like the drawing posted in the previous WIP. I don’t know yet if I’ll add plaplate or cut the actual part to achieve that look.


Let it cure, and then cut.


I had a little bit more time that evening so I started modifying the head.


Where did everyone go ?


I’ll just overlook the fact that the pilot can’t see a fucking thing for now…


I’m not a big fan of antennas, especially when it’s on one side like that. So I started by simply snipping the base of the antenna away, and then sealed the hole in putty. Wait for it to cure for a few hours (usually a day), and then sand. Easy peasy.


 02_head_putty_before  02_head_putty_after


Now, to make it so the mono-eye can be seen… I’ve pondered for a while and finally decided to trim a bit of the armor in front of the « face » of the suit. I was a bit nervous because it’s an area that’s very visible and it’s hard to cut in a symetrical manner.


Oh, there you are !

It’s a bit better, but not enough IMO. I think I’ll have to trim the back of the top part so that it can move back a bit.


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