WIP – RC Gerbera Tetra – 03

Since the last time I wrote I finished modifying both arms, but I wanted to show a « before / after » picture :


Left : Altered / Right : Original

Now I know it’s a bit hard to see since the hands are different, but the arm on the left is around 5mm longer. You can see a bit of inner frame showing. I’ll need to confirm after priming / assembling, but I think I won’t need to lengthen the armor after all. That bit of inner frame showing isn’t bothering me and, frankly, I’m not too keen of having to lenghten a round piece of outer armor 🙂

I puttied some parts of the arms, courtesy of bad molds There were actual holes in the armor (!), and the energy cables had pretty bad defects.


Putty putty putty…

I’m leaving the arms aside for now, I’ll come back to them after I’ve primed everything. By then more defects should have shown their ugly faces.

Now back to the head. Last time I wrote I was thinking about trimming the back of the head in order to have the top part move back a bit and show more of the « face ». After giving it some thought, I settled for a less drastic solution : adding some plaplate inside the head, between the top and bottom parts, to get more space between them.

03_head_inside 03_head_outside
Plaplates are the answer to everything.

I don’t know yet if that will be enough, but as I plan to switch the mono-eye to a visor (heresy, I know !) it’s no big deal if the center of the face is partially hidden.

As usual, I left the cement to cure and started working on another part. Namely the feet. *shivers*

Now, I didn’t talk about it yet, but the feet just won’t stay in place. Parts are falling apart constantly, with top parts pushing bottom parts out of the way. In fact, before working on the mods I took a picture of the whole kit laid down, and if you look at the feet you’ll see what I mean :


Just… Stay still, damnit !


I started by trimming a bit of the front of the white part (the one that isn’t attached, on the picture above). It’s nigh impossible to have that part fit without that, and that was a quick fix :


Left : before / Right : after

I trimmed the front of the part to allow for a better fit, and cut the small « hook » at the top. Its only purpose was to allow ankle armor to be attached and I don’t plan on adding it. Firstly, because like most of the kit the fit is so bad I’d need to glue it to have it stay attached, and secondly because, without the ankle armor, you can see some pretty cool (working) pistons from the inner frame :


Maybe the best aspect of the whole inner frame

I’ll need to paint it, obviously, but that should make for some pretty nice frame detailing 🙂

On this pic you can notice a gap between the red and white parts. I don’t know yet if I’ll add some inner detail or close it with armor, but I’m certainly not leaving it like that. In fact, there’s a part that’s suppoed to go there, but the pegs aren’t aligned…


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