WIP – HG Hi-Mock – 01

I’ve hit a bit of a snag on my Gerbera Tetra build, so I’m posting some pics from an older project.

I’m more of a 1/100 scale guy, but when HLJ sold those guys for around $4 a piece last year I bought, like, 3 of them.


So much potential


For those not familiar with the suit, it’s supposed to be a training unit, « piloted » by an A.I., for the human players to fight against. It comes from the “Gundam Build Fighters” universe.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with it, until I stumbled upon this custom, by the very talented Asrul Hazimin (more pics on his page).



It looks a bit like an Iron-Man mark I armor, with the all-metal look and the blue leds. I don’t have much more to say, except that it looks amazing. All of it.

This was my first (or second, I don’t remember) custom, so I tried to replicate a lot of things from the above model. For instance, that part is downright identical :


The “rivets” are cut pins

I really like the way he modified the feet to increase the model’s height, so I tried to replicate that as well :


First try wasn’t really… convincing.

If you look closely you can see a printed picture of Asrul’s custom on my desktop, I’m not hiding what I’m trying to do here, lol

After a bit of fiddling around I made my first prototype :


Does it look menacing to you ? Yeah, I thought so…

The hands are Kotobukiya’s Wild hands (yeah I know, I like them :)), the head and the gatling come from the « Mock army set ». The pipes on the chest come from the hangar-looking thing behind the Hi-Mock. The feet parts are from whatever leftovers I could scrounge up in my spare parts box.

I wasn’t satisfied with the result, the MS looking too “thin” for my tastes. I was envisionning a heavily armed hulking suit of armor, not a midget on stilts. First order of business : adding some weapons.


Big guns, the answer to everything (or was that plaplates ?)

I modified the arm a bit so that the gatling gun ends up being part of the arm, and not something the mobile suit is holding. There will be better pics of that gatling later, don’t worry.

On that pic if you check the shoulder you see a part I added on the side. What’s interesting is that it’s not glued to the existing shoulder, but it’s a bit of runner sticking in the existing « HOLE ». That makes for a more secure connection and you can rotate it around a bit. I glued a lot of things on an Astray Blue Frame Custom I made before and it doesn’t like to be moved around too much…

That’s it for today, next part will be the last one, as I didn’t take a lot of pics while I was making this custom 🙂


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