Completed work – MG Astray Blue Frame

I’ve painted this MG Astray Blue Frame a little while ago, and since it’s only a paint job and no modifications were involved, I didn’t snap pics of the process. It was my first time using Alclad II laquers, and I fell in love with it. Pre-thinned, super easy to apply and an absolutely stunning metallic finish, what’s not to like ? I’m listing all the paints I used at the bottom of this post.


Shiny !

Again, there aren’t a lot of pics, I’m sorry about that. For starters, I always have one pose in mind when making a kit, so there’s not real incentive for me to “play with it” and move it around. Secondly, I’m afraid of ruining my paintjob !


Same pose, from another angle (I know I can’t fool you guys)


These pics where taken with my phone, but I’m planning on making some kind of photobooth in the near future and I’ll use my actual camera to take some (hopefully) better pics. In the mean time, enjoy this sneak peak of my Astray Blue Frame ! His red “twin” is currently being painted too, with a somewhat different color scheme. The plan is to display them together (original, I know !).


Got rid of the orange, I didn’t really like it…

I really like the pose I managed to give him, considering how heavy the sword is ! The clear action base does a really good job at holding the kit while not getting in the way visually.

Paints used :


  • Base coat : Tamiya liquid surface primer
  • Blue : Tamiya Metallic Blue (X13)
  • Panel lines : Tamiya Panel line accent color black
  • Top coat : Mr Color gloss coat (rattlecan)


  • Base coat : Tamiya liquid surface primer
  • Black : Tamiya Gunmetal (X10)
  • Top coat : Mr Color gloss coat (rattlecan)


  • Base coat : Alclad II Gloss black base (ALC305)
  • Chrome : Alclad II Chrome (ALC107)
  • Top coat : None used

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