WIP – MG 00Qan[T] – 02

Most of the mods (plaplates and scribing) have been done in part 1 so now it’s off to full painting. When available, I like to try out color scheme on linearts I’ve found online. They’re a bit hard to find, to be honest (well, clean ones), but I just happened to have the 00 Qan[T]’s one :


The best way to check out the color scheme

Most of the color separation is done by painting different parts, without too much masking required. I’ll need to improve my scribing and masking skills in the future if I want to step up my game.

Here’s the result after I painted some white parts and put some decals :


That white looks super bright for some reason.

Here’s a closeup of the head after assembling but before decaling :


Pretty close to the lineart.

Close-up shots really bring out the mistakes in builds. The white paint looks powdery as hell on that pic. That’s not as visible in person, but I suppose that explains why my pre-shading disappeared : the pain is a bit too thick.

I didn’t use the stock stickers for the eyes but used something I bought a while ago instead :


I think it’s called “CJ – Hobby Stereo super patch”, and it’s super expensive online nowadays. Not sure why, maybe they stopped making it. I haven’t used it much for the time being, but the eyes looked fine so I went with it.

Now for the part that required most of the masking, the arm :


Don’t zoom too much…

Yeah, I suck at masking… I’m amazed at the cleanliness of some builds I’ve seen online (shunneige’s builds come to mind). It’s really something to strive for. Here I masked to get a bit more color separation, using existing panel lines. It didn’t turn out too bad, but there’s definitely room for improvment.

Anyway, I don’t have more pics of the WIP so I’ll switch to the completed model pics.


Almost done.

As you can see the white coat(s) have finished hiding my beautiful, beautiful pre-shading. Next time I’ll try another technique. The ankle armor is held up with magnets and look even better than what I envisioned. Only the sword bits are missing, I ordered some more decals online and they took a while to be delivered.


Bad light here, my bad.

Those rings come from the GN Sword IV third-party add-on :


I didn’t get to use the big-ass sword(s) for now, but I’ll find a use for them 😉

I tried putting the sword bits around the rings, as I’ve seen others do, but I wasn’t too fond of the result. Main problem was that it didn’t really fit in the case it will be displayed… I forgot to snap a pic of it, sorry about that.


“Hovering” poses are a pain to achieve.

Here it is ! It’s 100% done as far as I’m concerned. As usual there aren’t a lot of pics of the completed build, I’ll snap more pics of the Astray Red Frame and Gerbera Tetra, promise ! I’ve bought a black background and if I muster up the courage in the future I’ll take some more pics from other angles (and other poses ? Naaaaaaa…).


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