WIP – MG Astray Red Frame – 03

Small update again today. I was planning on being done with this build last week-end, since I finally got some time to paint the damn thing, but things didn’t quite go as planned…

I’ve never really needed to pay attention to the weather while painting, I live in a pretty temperate region without any extremes in temperature or humidity. This time though, it was a bit too cold for the paint it seems :



See the buildup of paint at the bottom of the part ? I was spraying Alclad Clear Red on top of Pale Gold, and it happened.



Happened quite regulary, even. I think I painted a dozen pieces before noticing the problem, and about 10 of them turned out like that.


I’m not exactly 100% sure what happened, seeing as I deep cleaned my Airbrush right before this paint session, but I think it’s the cold temperature. The lacquer paint is pre-thinned so it’s not a problem with my thinning ratio, and I didn’t change my compressor settings so I didn’t spray stronger than usual.

My guess is the cold temperature (-10°C / 14°F) prevented the paint from drying as fast as it usually does, and it ran along the pieces, causing the uneven buildup. I never had that trouble with Acrylics but my paint is usually underthinned anyway.

So I need to strip the paint, prime, spray gloss black base, pale gold and clear red all over again -_- I swear, for a model that I’m only half-satisfied with, this is beginning to be a chore…

See you guys later, with hopefuly better news 😉


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