Completed work – MG Jesta Scorpius

Results are out ! Unfortunatly I didn’t place this time. Looking at the winners, it seems that the paint job was really important in the judging criterias, namely shading and weathering. I know what to learn next !

The plan was to have a ghetto-lightbox ready in time for the competition submissions, but I had to settle for some less-than-adequate natural light two days before the deadline. I swear, one day when I have nothing better to do I’ll build a proper photo studio and snap better pics. In the meantime, enjoy !


Once again I didn’t pose the model while taking the pictures. With all the work invested in making a proper paintjob, I’m afraid to damage it. I don’t think I’ll ever move them around when I’m done painting them, honestly.

Now that it’s done, what next ? Well, quite a lot of things actually 🙂 Stay tuned for my next post about the Jesta Scorpius Kai !


One thought on “Completed work – MG Jesta Scorpius

  1. Damn, that rules. Now I really want a Jesta, I’ve been thinking about getting one anyway.

    I’m really torn on the whole issue of posing painted models, by the way – part of me thinks if I’ve sacrificed poseability, I’ve kind of ruined one of the things that’s great about these kits, so I should paint them in a way that still allows them to be posed, but let’s face it, once we’ve posted these pics online, the kits go in a display cabinet and stay in the same pose for the rest of their existence. I’m leaning more and more towards less posing, more painting.


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