WIP – MG Jesta – 01

This WIP is kinda special. I’m writing it on January 30th but I won’t post it before May. I’m making this custom especially for the “Playing with Plamo 2017” competition, and the rules explicitely say :

“Anyone who enters this competition with a model kit or kits that have appeared on the internet, which includes but is not limited to blog posts, work in progress, forum builds, competitions, review builds, social networks, youtube.com, online video sites or promotions, will be ineligible to enter.”

So I’m writing it as I go, documenting my failures progress to post it later.

As you may have guessed from the title, I’m going for my favorite grunt unit : the RGM96X Jesta. I buit an HG Jesta Cannon when I started the hobby and it remained one of my favorites for a long time.


It’s hand painted but somehow turned out better than my other builds of the time. The scribing is not THAT bad either and I like the color scheme. I wanted to get 1/100 dual gatling guns (from Heavy Arms custom or Serpent Custom) but they’re very hard to come by. I settled for some Kotobukiya’s parts :


These come with a mecanism that allows me to mount them two by two, so with four of them I’m all set. A lot of masking will be needed, they’re pretty detailed but (as usual with Koto) there’s not much part separation.

I wanted to do something I’ve seen on a lot of customs but that I never tried before : adding some height to the heels to change proportions. The ankle is mobile enough on the Jesta that simply adding plaplate to the heel will allow the mobile suit to stand taller. Trouble is, I’m fresh out of 1mm plaplate and have to settle for 0.4mm. Twenty (20 !) layers of plaplate and plastic cement later (20 for each foot, mind you), and we get this result :


That wasn’t too long nor too hard to make, but it will turn out to be VERY HARD to saw cleanly. This multiple layer mess will give me a hard time when comes the time to saw the excess. I spent a good hour on a single heel…

With the heels done (painfuly), I tackled the second hardest mod of this project : making shoulder-mounted radiators / heatsinks. To make it, I have to glue together five strips of carved plaplates on a single shoulder. Turns out there’s a correct way to make it, and it’s like that : cut the strips, glue them in place, carve them all at the same time to get an identical result. I started by making a template :


If you look at the glued strips on the left of the picture, you can see that already there’s a problem : they aren’t the same length… I ended up having to completly redo a shoulder. Here’s the current result :


I’m still not that happy with the radiators and will try to make them again if I have enough time (doubtful). On that pic you can see the feet (not sure how that’ll turn out once painted either) and some plaplating on the ankle guards (in progress) and the feet (done).

With the big work done on the heels and shoulders, I’m already behind schedule, and the result is sub-par. That doesn’t bode well xD


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