WIP – MG Jesta – 03

As time passes I’m getting a little bit more comfortable with my tools and my plaplate sheets. So I decided to start adding small pegs to (some) plaplating work in order to ease the next step : painting.


As you can see here, instead of gluing the basic shape to the part and cutting / sanding the excedent, I already cut it into shape (a simple one for starting up). I then drilled some very small holes in it and in the corresponding part. I then added some small styrene tubing I’ve had in stock for a while to hold it into place. The process is a bit longer than what I’m writing but it’s actually pretty easy. Don’t mind the asymetrical holes, it’s on purpose (cough) and will help me differenciate the right part from the left. The goal here is obviously to paint the plaplate with another color than the parts to add some details through color separation. Since masking can be hard with some shapes (and I suck at it), it’s easier to get good results that way.

Anyway, on that pic we can see some work done on the head. Added a metal part to one side, screwed up and puttied the other side, scribed some lines on top of the head, basic stuff. It’s hard to see here, but I also drilled the little “holes” on the visor to add the small metallic details later. I won’t test fit them because I’m not sure I’ll be able to get them out…

I was pretty inspired that session so I went ahead and started detailing the front and back skirts :



I added the small metal details I like so much (I’ll have to be careful and not go overboard with these), and scribed some details on the front skirt for future paint separation. IMO the front skirt is detailed enough as it is so I’ll only paint it with two colors (the separation is obvious) and add some decals later. A bit of plaplate at the bottom because why not ? As for the back skirt, it’s more or less the same. When the glued plaplates are cut into shapes I’ll add some more at the back to mirror the front ones a bit (not 1/1 but something close).

Now there’s something I’ve put aside for a while because I didn’t know how to handle it : the dual gatlings. The gatlings have an odd shape and won’t attach themselves easily to the arms, even though they are suite flat. Then it struck me : glue several plaplates layers to “flatten” the gatlings where it will join the arms, and use a runner piece to attach it. I’ll try to improvise a quick drawing to show what I mean :



Well, that’s worse than I thought. Oh well. The gatling is black, the Jesta’s arm is blue. The layers of plaplate are red and serve two purposes : shorten the gap between weapon and arm, and give a bit of thickness for the runner part (the green rectangle on the drawing). Here’s the end result :



The fit is quite snug and I’m happy with the result :


Once painted that should look pretty cool. Though I admit the gatlings are a bit small for my tastes… Good thing there are four of them !

Next week, more weapons !


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