WIP – MG Jesta – 04

After wondering for a very long time how I would go about detailing the lower legs exterior, I finally settled for missile racks to be mounted on, much like I did with my HG Jesta (see first WIP for reference picture) :



I gouged them a bit when I de-nubbed them a year ago, but that shouldn’t show too much I hope. The already have a 3mm peg so I only had to drill a bit of the leg and the missiles swivel around. I’ll try not to scratch too much paint when I pose it…


I really like the way it widens the lower part of the kit. It kinds of strengthen the suit as a whole. The warheads will be painted red, so hopefuly it will also bring some much needed color separation to the legs.

On that pic you can see I changed the side skirts. When I tried putting the torso on top of the legs/waist, I found that the handles I used to have there got in the way of the arms / gatlings. I removed the handles, and searched for a bit what to do with the now blank area. I settled for that part from the ballden arms, but to be honest I’m having second thoughts after seeing it in a picture… Had to saw it as it was too long.

Last (but not least) of the weapons : the canon and missile launcher attached to the backpack :



Both are Kotobukiya’s. The missile + radome comes from a pretty cheap set, but the canon comes directly from the Skell Formula kit. As usual with Kotobukiya, the models look pretty good but there’s close to zero color separation. Not a lot of part count either, that will be fun to paint…

I used some leftover arms I had laying around to attach them to the backpack. There was a lot of drilling, sanding, puttying involved, but that’s mostly common sense and I didn’t bother documenting it. This pic reminds me I haven’t bothered detailing the backpack. Maybe I should add some metallic parts and scribe a line or two, or it will look too plain.

I have about three days left on my planning before I need to start painting, and I still have several parts to detail : the legs’ interior, chest sides, forearms and, last but not least, the shoulders. If I can manage it, I’d like to remake the shoulder radiators and maybe the heels, as I mentioned in an earlier WIP. I seriously doubt I’ll be able to, though.


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