WIP – MG Jesta – 05

As the deadline comes ever closer, I’ve taken less pics while working and I’m regretting it a bit now. I don’t have the WIP for the inner legs nor the chest, but I took some pics of the shoulders detailing. I started as usual, with some big pieces of 0.5mm plaplate cemented to the parts :



After letting it cure for the night, I cut and sanded the plaplate into shape :


It’s already looking pretty good, but I wanted to make a more detailed shape :



1 – I drew several shapes on the plaplate until I found something I like

2 – I made a pattern out of 0.3mm plaplate

3 – (not shown) I used the pattern to cut 4 identical shapes out of plaplate

4 – Cement / cut / sand

5 – Profit :


I’m pretty happy with the result. It’s not perfect but it looks good enough to be painted. I hope the primer won’t show too many mistakes (spoilers : it will).

Last time I made a comment about how the backpack wasn’t detailed at all. I forgot to take pics of it, but I added a bunch of metal details and photo-etch to it, no crazy scribing / plaplating involved. I changed the thruster bells for some detailed ones :



I’m now officially done with the detailing part (I’ll try to remake the radiators if I have some spare time) and it’s now time to start painting. It’s going to be an arduous process, mainly because I still haven’t decided what color every single part will be. I have a good idea about the general color scheme, but nothing that detailed. Here’s some last pics before I’m priming the whole thing :



I’m afraid my scratchbuilt chest – waist peg will break if I try to separate the top and bottom parts, so for now I’ve refrained from trying it out. If possible I’d like to plug it in and never separate them 🙂

I ordered some MG Jesta water decals but they never got delivered. By the time I realized I wasn’t getting them it was too late to order another sheet. Oh well, I’ll have to make do with what I already have, but I’m a bit disappointed.


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