WIP – MG Jesta – 11

So I’m just about putting the finishing touches on that project. The only things I have left in my to-do list are some red accent on the shoulders vents, chrome / aluminium on the knees, maybe work on that acrylic base and, last but not least, those damn shoulder radiators.

Now for the red accent, I’ve tried masking several times but couldn’t get anything satisfactory, so I settled for some good old freehand paintbrush action. Kinda scary, actually…



It turned out pretty well, in the end ! With hindsight I should have paintbrushed the pipe too, but it’s glued and I’m not sure what color would fit well here.

Since the manual painting did the job here, I then proceeded to hand paint the sides of the knees with flat aluminium. I only needed to remove the round red parts to paint it with a bresh, whereas in order to use my airbrush I would have needed to disassemble the whole legs.



I’m quite happy with that result too. I’ve never had much luck painting metallic paints with a paintbrush, but this is flat aluminium here, so it works quite well. Those finishing touches are going well so far, I’m on a roll. Well, not for much longer.

Those god-damned shoulder radiators.

I’ve given up on scratchbuilding them with plaplate for the time being, instead opting for an easier (and more expensive) solution :


This is, more or less, exactly what I wanted. These are already metallic, and with the correct shape. They’re a bitch to get them out though, those little metallic pegs are way stronger than they look. Anyway, problem solved, right ? Wrong. They’re way too small for what I’m planning, and I would require more skills than I currently have to assemble them together in a nice way. Don’t let the pic fool you, those things are tiny.

So, as much as it pain me to admit it, I’m giving up on those shoulder radiators. And that’s a damn shame, too. Look how good it could have looked :



This Strike is Shunneige’s. One of my favorite modelers. Here’s the link to his blog.

As for the acrylic base, I haven’t done it yet. Since I will be participating to the GBWC from pictures, it was better to make a photoshoot on a flat dark surface. If it evers get displayed somewhere I’ll make sure to finish the stand.

I think that’s (finally) it for the WIP, I don’t have anything left to show you. I’ll post one last article with the pics I submitted for the contest and be done with it. Thanks for reading 🙂


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