WIP – MG Nu ver Ka – 1

Not much to show today. I’ve just finished snap-fitting the MG Nu ver Ka I started a month or so ago. It really is a VERY good kit and I cannot recommend it enough. The inner frame is nice, which is good since I plan to show quite a bit of frame to help break up the main color.


Look at that gorgeous inner frame. Look at it !

The armor is pretty nice too, with some cool-looking panel lines.


The plan is to have a mainly “dark” color scheme, with gold showing up on some details / through the inner frame. I’ve bought a nice gold decal sheet a while ago and I’m itching to use it.

I’ve seen customs like that at least twice, online. I would lie if I said I wasn’t influenced by how awesome it looked. I’ll just need to try and detach myself from it enough to make my own custom.

Here’s the one that made me want to start this project :


Source : http://gundamguy.blogspot.fr/2013/06/mg-1100-rx-93-vgundam-banshee-version.html

Notice how the armor main color isn’t completly black but more a darker shade of purple (check the feet) ? Quite like the Banshee (Norn ? I’m not too familiar with that suit…). I really like that, but I’m not keen on mixing such a large amount of paint. If you’ve ever done any paint mixing, you’ll know that the rule of thumb is to ALWAYS mix more than what you’ll need. When mixing large amounts like that, it means a lot of paint wasted just as a precaution.

And here’s another one I found a few days ago when searching for source material :


Source : https://www.gundamkitscollection.com/2017/05/custom-build-mg-1100-rx-93-nu-gundam.html


I like that one a little less than the former. I don’t know if it’s the “yellower” gold, or the darker armor, but it doesn’t “click” as much when I look at it. They DO look a lot alike, now that I’m looking more closely. Guess I’m not the first one inspired by Tory’s build 😉

Anyway, on the topic of colors, I have three questions I need to answer before starting to paint the damn thing :

  • Find the very same shade of gold as the gold decals I own. I already know Tamiya Titanium Gold and Alclad II Gold don’t cut it. I’ve ordered half a dozen shades of gold from different brand that I need to test.
  • Find a very dark shade of blue or purple as the main armor color. One that won’t require mixing, if possible…
  • Find a good inner frame color that’s not too dark (since the armor is already very dark) nor too shiny (I want to paint some metallic details, not only gold). Tamiya’s gunmetal is a bit too shiny, and dark iron (my usual choices) is too dark. I’ve bought some Vallejo Gunmetal and Steel, one of them should do the trick.

Easy peasy, right ? 🙂

Oh, and I do have some metal parts lying around. I don’t plan on adding plaplates or panel lines, but some more details won’t hurt.



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