WIP – Forest battle – 1

Forest battle is a placeholder title, for a lack of a better name. Chances are good I’ll never go back and change it, though…

France’s GBWC results are in and, unfortunatly, I didn’t make it to the top 3. All the more reason to work even harder for the next one !

I’ve snap-fitted the Dantalion and, while it’s obviously not as rewarding as building, say, the MG Nu ver Ka, it was a pretty quick and fun build. I really like how lean it looks, I’m convinced that’s the best kit I could have chosen for the “ninja” part of this build.


Not with the half-cowl, mind you, that thing just looks silly…

While building it, I noticed 2-3 glaring seamlines : white shoulder part, grey shoulder part and white forearm part.


Apart from these ones, it’s a smooth ride. Nothing on the legs, nothing on the head, the kit is pretty well made.

Fixing the white shoulder part was very easy. In fact, I managed to fix it using plastic cement only for the first time, I usually need putty. I might have used more cement than usual, maybe that’s why it worked so well. Fixing the white forearm was a bit harder, but still pretty easy. It needed a small modification to the “inner frame” to work :


Now that was the easy part. That damn grey shoulder part is giving me a really hard time. I tried to look online and see how other modelers fared, and it seems like nobody bothered to fix that seamline.

Here’s the culprit :



It’s engineered in a way that makes it impossible to put on the shoulder if the two parts are glued together (you know, the ONLY solution to fix a seamline like this one). I thought about cutting the two prongs but even then that wouldn’t allow it to slide into the white part. The way it’s molded also makes it super hard to sand flat the excess putty / cement.

There’s no way I’ll keep the seamline visible, so I’ll have to find a workaround. In the end, I’ll probably fix the seamline with the grey part inserted into the white part, and I’ll use masking tape to keep the color separation. That’s not the ideal solution (especially since I suck at masking), but it’s better than nothing.

Anyway, while I’m brainstorming about seamline fixing, I’m also thinking about stealing some parts from the G-Arcane. Namely the wrist part, I’ve always liked that one :


I’ve seen some customs online making good use of that part. It shouldn’t be too hard to modify it and use on the Dantalion. Drill a hole in the forearm, use some leftover runner to attach things together, done. That’s the plan anyway, we’ll see how it actually goes.


One last “problem” I wanted to tackle today : the Dantalion chest / waist attachment. IBO’s design for this part of the mobile suits is a hit or miss for a lot of people. Personally I don’t mind it when viewed from the front or the back :



Who am I kidding, I LOVE how it looks. The problem lies in the side view :


It does look kinda strange. Fortunatly there are some leftover parts on a runner that have some mechanical details. I’ll try to mod that part of the suit so that it doesn’t look too hollow when looked at from the sides. Maybe buff up the front pistons, I don’t know yet.

That’s it for today. Next time hopefully some pics of the seamline-free parts, primed and good to go 🙂


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