Happy new year !

So, what happened during the holidays ?

Nu ver Ka :

Not much here. I’ve tried some paint during the holidays and it didn’t turn out too well. I was really hoping that Tamiya’s Sea Blue would work well for the main color, but unfortunatly it doesn’t :


Smile for the camera ! 🙂 That’s an HG G-Arcane leg part, btw.

Sea Blue turns out to be more green than blue, and while it’s not a bad color per se, it doesn’t suit my immediate needs. Notice the powdery finish too, it’s still too cold to paint :-/

I’ve ordered several shades of dark blue from another paint manufacturer : Prince August. A friend recommended it so I’ll give it a try.

Apart from paint, I’ve decided to give another try to shoulder heat sinks after reading the Clash of Deities book. There are some very good ideas in it and I can’t wait to try it. A bit nervous about carving an armor piece from a $80 kit, though…

Ninja Forest :

I’ve finally sealed the forearms and shoulders seamlines. While I was priming the G-Arcane legs for paint testing, I primed these to check for mistakes :



Don’t be fooled, I chose a good angle on purpose, there’s a lot of sanding involved for the shoulders to look good. Forearms are good to go, though. On that pic there are some other mods shown (the pipes between the shoulders and the head, and the wrists) but I’ll talk about them in the dedicated blog post later that week month.

Barbatos Lupus Rex :

What ?! Another project while there are already two in progress ? Yeah, even I can tell it’s a bad idea. Not to mention the mess I’m doing on my desk with everything happening at the same time. The thing is, I can’t paint (it’s too cold), I’m waiting for some custom parts for the Nu (SAL shipping is suspended between Japan and France), AND I got the 1/100 Lupus Rex kit for Christmas. Soooo, off we go.

The project is pretty simple for that one : a bit of detailing, a LED in the head, no custom color scheme (that’s new, coming from me…), and some battle damage / weathering. And, first and foremost, some claws sharpening. I’m starting to see more and more sharpened claws for the Lupus Rex nowadays and that’s a good thing. I can’t count how many awesome looking customs I’ve seen for this kit with the claws still blunt, it drives me crazy (well, not really, but I do yell a bit at my computer screen).


When the kit came out I rolled my eyes SO HARD at those silly proportions. Now after watching the last episodes of the anime I’ve fallen in love with it.

I’m also planning on having some reverse-jointed legs for that one, to enhance the wolf-like appearance. I’m not sure it will go well with the pose I have in mind, so I’ll have to do some tests beforehand. I have a built but unused 1/100 Barbatos (4th form ?), I may use some of its parts for this project. We’ll see.

That’s it for today. Sorry for the placeholder post instead of a full-fledged post about one of the projects. I have taken some pics of the Dantalion so I’ll probably post about that next 🙂

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