WIP – MG Nu ver Ka – 3

Another big gap between updates. I’m almost done with Monster Hunter World AND the weather is getting better ! That means I’ll soon be able to paint so there will be more frequent updates ! Yeah, I don’t believe it either.

Quick mention of the “Lupus Rex” project, as is now custom. I was struggling to make him look nice with reverse jointed legs so I kinda lost interest in it. Then I saw a nice custom involving the legs of a Zoid that piqued my interest. I’ve since ordered a “Lightning Saix” and plan on resuming my custom build soon. The chest part looks nice so, who knows ? Maybe I’ll do a full blown kitbash and not simply slap the Saix legs on the Lupus Rex ?

Anyway, let’s not get side tracked, or else that post will end up being another “misc” post, and not a Nu WIP.

As a reminder, for this build I’m focusing on a “simple” paint work (as in, again no shading nor weathering), using gold paint and gold decals to detail an otherwise majorly dark color scheme. That means not a lot of scribing / pla-plating (the Nu is plenty detailed already). I did add some metal parts that I plan to paint in gold. Kind of a shame to cover them with paint, really, since they are naturally metallic (being, well, made of metal), but I’m afraid the silver will look out of place amongst all this gold.


I took pictures of every limb to help sort out the individual parts for painting. Especially for this build, since a lot of the gold is actually the frame showing between armor gaps.



The frame will be tricky to paint, as the goal is to have some gold pop out here and there, and not a “Strike Freedom” color scheme with that full-on gold frame.



I hesitated a while about what to add for the knee articulation (the big round part, between the pipes and pistons). That metal part seemed a bit too small at first, but the only metal part with the correct size I had on hand was some vent-looking thing. It didn’t make sense to have a vent here, so I stuck with that one. I’ve grown used to it, I suppose, as it doesn’t look out of place in the end.

The knee presented a small problem. In the, err, “destroy” mode (the mode where the psychoframe is showing, I have no idea how it’s called for the Nu), the front part of the knee armor (in off-white on the above picture) is supposed to be separated a bit fom the rest of the armor. It didn’t really work for me, the part stuck too close to the frame to show any gold underneath. Not to mention it looked awful from that angle :



See that white peg under the armor ? When it’s painted that will be in dark blue against gold, there’s no way that’s staying.

So I cut the peg, and cemented some pla-plate to help the armor stay clear of the frame.


A bit messier than I would have liked, but it does the job.

Here’s a little bonus if you’ve read this far : this is how I proceed when sorting parts before painting :


I prepare some plastic boxes with the colors written on it, and I disassemble the kit as much as needed. Depending on the parts it can sometimes be a bit tricky (I broke two parts already this time). Then I wash the parts, prime them (usually one color at a time to avoid errors) and paint them / gloss coat them.

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