Slow progress

Wow. The last post is from 3 months ago. So I’ve officially become that kind of blog.

Well, without wasting any more time, here’s what happened these past weeks months.


I somehow completly lost interest for that project. I think the overwhelming amount of work in making a competition-worthy diorama killed it for me. That, and from the start I wanted to make one starring frame-arms girl Jinrai. Since that project was supposed to be for the GBWC, I couldn’t very well use a Kotobukiya kit as the main subject. So I half-assed something out of a Dantalion (love that kit) and a Hyakuren, but my heart wasn’t really into it.

And lo ! I received a billing notice from HLJ last week about a product I had forgotten I placed an order for : the elusive Megami Device Asura Ninja. I wrote in a last post how the Dantalion was the best candidate for a “ninja” mobile suit. Scratch that, this one is obviously the best looking ninja available around (it’s not an MS, mind you) :


There’s everything I wanted. The mask, the scarf, the weaponry… Everything. So I’m thinking about switching the focus from IBO mobile suits to a battle between Jinrai and Asura. This will be more stressful for me, since the kits don’t exactly cost the same, so I expect it to drag on even longer as I ponder whether or not I should make this cut or that modification.



I actually worked a fair bit on the Nu-Gundam. Almost all of it is painting so unfortunatly I don’t have much to show. Since I gave up on the Ninja Forest project for this year’s GBWC, I think I’ll go with my custom Nu. I’m not too comfortable with that, since it’s really heavily inspired from another build I saw online and I don’t want to be accused of plagiarism. We’ll see when it’s done if I managed to stray far enough from the “original”.

Anyway, here’s a sneak peak at what the gold paint on dark blue looks like. The difference between the gold from the decal and the gold from the paint is… acceptable, since I couldn’t achieve unnoticeable.


I’m done painting the blue, black, red and some frame parts. I have yet to paint the gold parts and, last but not least, the “dual-colored” parts. Yes, masking. I can’t wait.

I had to find a solution to paint the very small metal parts in gold, here’s what I came up with :


I used some blu tack for the larger metal parts, in the end. I was afraid the airbrush would blow them away from the tape and mess up the paint. I ended up doing a second coat of red, too, since it looked a bit to orangey for my tastes.


I’ve managed to squeeze quite a bit of work done on the Barbatos. This will be my next post focus.

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