WIP – Barbatos Lupus Rex – 1

Here it is ! My actual first post about this build. I talked about it a bit in a “misc” post, but I never got around to starting a blog post for it. When I started building the Lupus Rex, I had a simple project in mind : a weathered Barbatos, in a lunging position. Ideally with the claws to the ground and some wicked cool scratch marks on the acrylic glass.

Here’s a quick pic mid-build. I really like the Lupus Rex Design and the IBO Full Mechanics series :


First order of business : sharpening the claws. It has become something of a pet peeve of mine whenever I look at customs online. When I see wicked looking custom of the Lupus Rex and the claws are unsharpened, I can’t help but feel disappointed. I mean, out of box these look more like sausages than metal-tearing claws :


(still looks good, though)

Here it is after the first round of sharpening (the one on the right side of the picture). After some test fits I’ll see if I can sharpen it a bit more or not :


It’s a bit harder to do than I thought, but it’s manageable. We’ll see if I still think the same way after the first round of primer…

It quickly became apparent that posing the Lupus in the way I envisioned wouldn’t be possible without some extensive modification to the legs. So, I did the most sensible thing possible : I put it aside and started doing something else.

Since I spend way more time looking for builds online than I do actually building kits, I found something that rekindled my interest (see this post). I always liked reverse jointed legs on mecha. It gives at the same time a less realistic “humanoid” look, but a more mechanized look as well. That would do nice with a mech whose design is animalistic to begin with (wolves’ hind legs are reverse jointed, after all).

On a quick side-note, the Lightning Saix build was very enjoyable. I like Kotobukiya kits, but not as much as I like Bandai ones (too small, too expensive, not enough part separation, …), but that particular one was very nice to work with. Everything fits perfectly, the mechanical details are top-notch, and the size is perfect for a 1/100 kitbash.

Back to the Barbatos, the first tests were pretty encouraging. Take a look :


On the left : the stock Lupus Rex leg. On the right : the stock Lightning Saix leg (nice mechanical details, uh ?). In the middle, easy-as-pie custom using the whole Saix leg and the Lupus foot. It’s exactly the same height as the stock Barbatos leg, how lucky is that ?! I just need to make a connector between them and I’m done for that part. I’m using these to make the joint :



Still needs a bit of putty and sanding to get the right thickness, but nothing too hard.

Now, a more difficult part : merging the Barbatos waist with these new legs. Everything went as fine and smooth as possible, just look at these pictures :



The polycaps I plan to use fit perfectly in the Saix legs.


Fitting snuggly. I mean, you wouldn’t know these are parts of different kits at a first glance, right ? Sometimes the gods of Gunpla just acknowledge your custom and everything goes your way.



Uh. It doesn’t look as good as I thought it would, but I can always make adjustments, I suppose.



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