State of the Union 05/2019

Hey there. Another couple of slow months. My last update was my completed “Nu Banshee” as I’ve come to call it, that I entered for the GBWC.

I’ve worked on and off several projects now, and since I didn’t really make a lot of progress on a particular one, this calls for a new “State of the Union” post !

I don’t like doing them, to be honest. As a blog reader I prefer to read start-to-finish projects rather than some blogger’s rambling. I’m mainly doing these for me, to keep some momentum going and not downright give up on posting. Anyway, let’s get to it.


I don’t have a really clear-cut goal in mind with this one. I just really like the Kampfer’s design and wanted to build one for a long time. It’s currently in limbo, with just a leg and the waist missing (update : it’s completly built !) . When it’s done, I’ll probably leave it on a shelf for a bit. The Kampfer’s design would work well with a weathered / battle damaged look, so maybe I’ll practice on it.


Sorry for the dark pic, I’m trying out my new lightbox but I haven’t found the right settings for my camera yet (especially since the above pic was taken with my phone, and not my camera…).

I’ve ordered a nice rifle to complement that military look and I’m currently waiting for it to be delivered. Seems like it will be a while, though.


(not my pic)

As for the color scheme, I’m thinking about going for a green one, for a change. Still going for that military theme, I guess.

Update : since I’ve started writing that entry I managed to put some nice hours in the Kampfer. I’ll make a proper blog post for that project in the near future.




I’ve stopped working on the Barbatos when I started seriously making progress on the Nu. It’s kind of a shame, as there was some good progress made, especially with the working connection between the Lightning Saix’s legs and the Lupus Rex’s body. I’ve put it on a shelf (literally) and it has a hard time standing up.  I suppose I won’t have much choice but to use a stand for that guy, if I can’t fix the feet connections.


The goal is still the same for that kit : make a nice blend of a Zoids Lightning Saix with a Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex




Now I didn’t really want to talk too much about that one, since I plan to enter it for this year GBWC. With my second child around the corner, I don’t know yet if I’ll have enough free time to enter this year. If the first one was any indication, chances are I won’t 🙂

(update : my second kid is here, and I can confirm this project will probably be submitted for next year’s GBWC)

Anyway, I’ve always liked making “knightly” mechas. I actually made one when I started modding kits, an HG Astray Blue Frame / SD Knight Gundam kitbash. I was quite happy with it for a first kitbash, especially considering the armor was handpainted. I don’t have it anymore though, it broke when it fell from the shelf it was displayed. Since I wanted to “upgrade” it to a 1/100, I didn’t bother repairing it.

I’ve made some good progress on the Grimgerde kitbash, but as is now becoming custom, I hit a snag on a particular part and the project came to a grinding halt. This time I have troubles with the helmet and since it’s, like, the most important part of a kit, I can’t seem to motivate myself to keep working on the kit.

(Update : I cleaned more plated parts and got the spear I ordered for this project, since my first kitbashed one isn’t as good as I had hoped)





Ok the project name won’t make sense when you’ll see the kit used but bear with me. As a change of pace I wanted to make a melee / martial artist MS. Since Bandai never bothered to release the Build Burning Gundam nor the Denial in MG form, I though about using the Dragon Momoko Destiny I have in my backlog :



Sorry the pic is dark, I snapped it in the same photo-shoot as the Kampfer…

While it doesn’t really look like the Denial Gundam, it shares the same grim design, with all the sharp edges. And I REALLY dig the forearms look. The plan here is pretty simple : add some HG Denial parts, detail them so that the blend with the main suit, and give the whole thing a grey / purple color scheme. I’m struggling a bit to find a good looking backpack, but overall it works pretty well so far. I had to improvise for the feet because the kit I received was missing a foot piece. Turns out the spare 00Q feet I had fit perfectly, and even have more ankle mobility than the Destiny’s.

Common sense would be to use a Bandai kit in order to be able to enter it in GBWC in a few years, but I really like the Destiny’s look. Closest I can find in Bandai’s lineup is the MG Star Build Strike, but I don’t like it as much…



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