WIP – MG 00Qan[T] – 02

Most of the mods (plaplates and scribing) have been done in part 1 so now it’s off to full painting. When available, I like to try out color scheme on linearts I’ve found online. They’re a bit hard to find, to be honest (well, clean ones), but I just happened to have the 00 Qan[T]’s one :


The best way to check out the color scheme

Most of the color separation is done by painting different parts, without too much masking required. I’ll need to improve my scribing and masking skills in the future if I want to step up my game.

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WIP – MG 00Qan[T] – 01

Not much progress done on the Gerbera Tetra, so I’m posting some older build’s WIP again. This time, it’s a custom 00 Qan[T] with several goals in mind :

  • Get rid of the asymmetry (I enjoy it from time to time, but here the GN Shield looks way too cool to settle for only one :))
  • Polish up my scribing / plaplating skills for future builds
  • Find a custom color scheme working with all the clear green parts this kit has

SPOILERS : red works really well with green.


No, it’s NOT a Pokéball…

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