WIP – MG Astray Red Frame – 03

Small update again today. I was planning on being done with this build last week-end, since I finally got some time to paint the damn thing, but things didn’t quite go as planned…

I’ve never really needed to pay attention to the weather while painting, I live in a pretty temperate region without any extremes in temperature or humidity. This time though, it was a bit too cold for the paint it seems :



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WIP – MG Astray Red Frame – 02

Very small update this week folks, the paint I ordered took forever to be delivered and my son got the flu right when I received it, so…

I painted all the outer armor in gold, like I decided last time. Here it is :


Praise the sun


Don’t mind the background, I took this pic for me and didn’t plan on posting it.

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WIP – MG Astray Red Frame – 01

I was planning to do a kinda “normal” (read : boring) repaint of my Astray Red Frame to display alongside his blue twin : metallic red for the inner frame, gloss black for the outer armor, and some hints of gold here and there to break up the monotony. This color scheme has been done countless times in the past, but one has to admit it does look cool. Red and black look really good together, after all…

Then, THAT happened :


What ?!


When priming the inner frame (the plan was : gloss black > chrome > clear red), the black didn’t cover the red perfectly after the first coat. The right course of action here is to paint a second coat of gloss black before painting the chrome, but it just looks SO DAMN COOL I had to change my plans.

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