Completed work – MG Nu ver Ka

I managed to post my submission to the GBWC before the deadline, so I’m pretty happy.

As for the build itself, I have mixed feelings about it. The build and first paint jobs were very cool and I liked how the colors turned out, but when I got to hand-painting, top-coating and water-decaling, boy was that a roller coaster of emotions. I still can’t get over how awful the decals look when zooming in on the pictures. Fortunatly for me it looks good from a proper view distance, in my display case. Too bad the competition is judged from pictures 🙂

Anyway, here are the pictures I submitted to the competition, and then some. I hope you guys like it.



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Completed work : Jesta Scorpius Kai

Here it is folks, after 6 months of on-and-off work, my GBWC entry. I have mixed feelings about it. There are some parts that I definitely could have done better, but on the other hand it’s without any doubts my finest piece so far.

Here are the pics I sent when I made my entry. I would have preferred to participate physically but I’m not exactly sure when and where it will be held. It’s the first year for my country and I didn’t quite get the finer details.


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Completed work – MG Jesta Scorpius

Results are out ! Unfortunatly I didn’t place this time. Looking at the winners, it seems that the paint job was really important in the judging criterias, namely shading and weathering. I know what to learn next !

The plan was to have a ghetto-lightbox ready in time for the competition submissions, but I had to settle for some less-than-adequate natural light two days before the deadline. I swear, one day when I have nothing better to do I’ll build a proper photo studio and snap better pics. In the meantime, enjoy !


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Completed work – MG Astray Blue Frame

I’ve painted this MG Astray Blue Frame a little while ago, and since it’s only a paint job and no modifications were involved, I didn’t snap pics of the process. It was my first time using Alclad II laquers, and I fell in love with it. Pre-thinned, super easy to apply and an absolutely stunning metallic finish, what’s not to like ? I’m listing all the paints I used at the bottom of this post.


Shiny !

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