State of the Union 05/2019

Hey there. Another couple of slow months. My last update was my completed “Nu Banshee” as I’ve come to call it, that I entered for the GBWC.

I’ve worked on and off several projects now, and since I didn’t really make a lot of progress on a particular one, this calls for a new “State of the Union” post !

I don’t like doing them, to be honest. As a blog reader I prefer to read start-to-finish projects rather than some blogger’s rambling. I’m mainly doing these for me, to keep some momentum going and not downright give up on posting. Anyway, let’s get to it.


I don’t have a really clear-cut goal in mind with this one. I just really like the Kampfer’s design and wanted to build one for a long time. It’s currently in limbo, with just a leg and the waist missing (update : it’s completly built !) . When it’s done, I’ll probably leave it on a shelf for a bit. The Kampfer’s design would work well with a weathered / battle damaged look, so maybe I’ll practice on it.


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Slow progress

Wow. The last post is from 3 months ago. So I’ve officially become that kind of blog.

Well, without wasting any more time, here’s what happened these past weeks months.


I somehow completly lost interest for that project. I think the overwhelming amount of work in making a competition-worthy diorama killed it for me. That, and from the start I wanted to make one starring frame-arms girl Jinrai. Since that project was supposed to be for the GBWC, I couldn’t very well use a Kotobukiya kit as the main subject. So I half-assed something out of a Dantalion (love that kit) and a Hyakuren, but my heart wasn’t really into it.

And lo ! I received a billing notice from HLJ last week about a product I had forgotten I placed an order for : the elusive Megami Device Asura Ninja. I wrote in a last post how the Dantalion was the best candidate for a “ninja” mobile suit. Scratch that, this one is obviously the best looking ninja available around (it’s not an MS, mind you) :


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Happy new year !

So, what happened during the holidays ?

Nu ver Ka :

Not much here. I’ve tried some paint during the holidays and it didn’t turn out too well. I was really hoping that Tamiya’s Sea Blue would work well for the main color, but unfortunatly it doesn’t :


Smile for the camera ! 🙂 That’s an HG G-Arcane leg part, btw.

Sea Blue turns out to be more green than blue, and while it’s not a bad color per se, it doesn’t suit my immediate needs. Notice the powdery finish too, it’s still too cold to paint :-/

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State of the Union 10/2017

A whole month without updates, quick, think of something !

Apparently the deadline for participating in the GBWC for my country is at the end of the month, so the results won’t be in before a while.

EDIT : Novembre 17th, it’s official.

I’m currently between projects, as it stands. I started working on a Dragon Momoko Strike Freedom (the “Metal Build” one) but kinda abandoned it after the snapfitting. It turned out to be one of my most frustrating modeling experience, even worse than my first post on this blog : the Regulation Center Gerbera Tetra ! I’m beginning to suspect I have a faulty one because I didn’t see anyone else online complaining so much about the quality.

As for mine, the fits are just awful. I sanded and sanded, and used drill bits to enlarge holes, the fits are still way too tight. Take a look :


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