WIP – MG Nu ver Ka – 2

Uh, so almost a month and a half passed since the last update… I blame Monster Hunter World.

With that cold weather I didn’t get a lot of work done, considering most of the customization on this project is done using paint. I worked a bit on the Lupus Rex but since I can’t pose it to save my life I’ve just shelved it for the time being.

I did my (least) favorite thing in plamodeling : seamline fixing. It turned out alright this time after priming. The seamlines are invisible but I did oversand a bit :


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WIP – Forest battle – 1

Forest battle is a placeholder title, for a lack of a better name. Chances are good I’ll never go back and change it, though…

France’s GBWC results are in and, unfortunatly, I didn’t make it to the top 3. All the more reason to work even harder for the next one !

I’ve snap-fitted the Dantalion and, while it’s obviously not as rewarding as building, say, the MG Nu ver Ka, it was a pretty quick and fun build. I really like how lean it looks, I’m convinced that’s the best kit I could have chosen for the “ninja” part of this build.


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WIP – MG Jesta – 11

So I’m just about putting the finishing touches on that project. The only things I have left in my to-do list are some red accent on the shoulders vents, chrome / aluminium on the knees, maybe work on that acrylic base and, last but not least, those damn shoulder radiators.

Now for the red accent, I’ve tried masking several times but couldn’t get anything satisfactory, so I settled for some good old freehand paintbrush action. Kinda scary, actually…



It turned out pretty well, in the end ! With hindsight I should have paintbrushed the pipe too, but it’s glued and I’m not sure what color would fit well here.

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WIP – MG Jesta – 10

Now that my parts are ready for the all-new all-different Gatlings, I need to disassemble the kit a bit to repaint some parts I messed up. There are three on the top of my head : the elbows (I messed up the chrome), the knees (same problem) and the shoulders (I really want to add some red lining to the side vents).

Now, I don’t know if you guys have already tried, but taking apart a painted kit is a nightmare. I don’t know, maybe I’m not spraying enough clear coat when I’m done painting, but my kits scratch very easily. I’m not really keen on having to repaint a part (primer – (base) – main color – clear – decal – clear) so I’ll be reaaaaaally careful. I still managed to scratch a part, mind you, but it was easily fixed.

Anyway, here’s the new look of the elbows :



I ditched the Alclad chrome for some Tamiya flat aluminium. Dunno why, I felt it would work better here. I don’t know if it’s “better” but it’s definitely “good enough” for me !

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WIP – MG Jesta – 09

So the 1/144 IBO Rocket Launcher doesn’t look too good on a souped-up 1/100 Jesta, I’m not that surprised, actually. After giving it some thought, I settled for a nice alternative that makes sense in the overall build : I’m giving my gun-totting Mobile Suit a melee weapon, namely a combat knife. Since I have one lying around in my spare parts box, I’ll be using an Astray Blue Frame Armor Schneider. The spare one I got with my Astray Red Frame, in fact.


Nice details. There will be some masking involved, but I should be able to squeeze 2-3 colors on that knife. At the very least dark iron as the main color, chrome for the blade and light grey for the handle. Maybe some accent red on the three thingies at the back of the blade if I feel confident enough.

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WIP – MG Jesta – 08

I know this is kinda confusing, but parts 1-7 of the WIP lead to the Jesta Scorpius Completed build, while parts 8+ will lead to another Completed build post titled “Jesta Scorpius Kai”. Bear with me and my messed-up organization


With the “Playing with Plamo 2017” competition behind me, my sights are set on the Gunpla Builder World Cup 2017. For the first time since the beginning of this competition, France can participate !

I’m planning on entering my Jesta but, for obvious reasons, I have to switch some parts around. I mean, I don’t expect a Bandai competition to rank very high a kit that uses a lot of its main competitor’s parts… So the plan is as follow :

  • Finish building the Bandai’s gatlings
  • Replace the Skell Formula main cannon
  • Replace the backpack-mounted rocket launcher
  • Finish those damn shoulder radiators
  • Repaint some parts
  • Build an acrylic base

I have no idea how much time I have for all that. I’ve tried searching for info regarding the usual schedule for other participating countries in 2016 but didn’t find anything. Oh well, better expect the worse and get to it !

First things first, I have to finish building the gatlings. I had to settle for a mix between Koto and Bandai parts for my entry but this time that won’t do.


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