WIP – HG Hi-Mock – 02

Last time we established that big weapon = good. Today, we’ll demonstrate that more big weapons = better. Before that, a small bit of customization on the chest piece, once again heavily influenced by Asrul Hazimin’s excellent Unicorn Buster.


Before / After…

The pic is pretty blurry, sorry. I have no way of taking a new one so this will have to do.

With the big-ass ranged weapon replacing my Hi-Mock’s left arm, I settled for a big-ass melee weapon to replace its right arm :


Kotobukiya makes some fine model parts.

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WIP – HG Hi-Mock – 01

I’ve hit a bit of a snag on my Gerbera Tetra build, so I’m posting some pics from an older project.

I’m more of a 1/100 scale guy, but when HLJ sold those guys for around $4 a piece last year I bought, like, 3 of them.


So much potential


For those not familiar with the suit, it’s supposed to be a training unit, « piloted » by an A.I., for the human players to fight against. It comes from the “Gundam Build Fighters” universe.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with it, until I stumbled upon this custom, by the very talented Asrul Hazimin (more pics on his page).



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