WIP – Barbatos Lupus Rex – 2

So, the last time I wrote about this project, things weren’t going so well… Indeed, I thought it would be easy to connect Barbatos’ hips to the Saix legs, but the result was less than impressive. If anything, the connection was too stiff and lacked any mobility in several directions, making

To be perfectly honest, that part is the reason why there has been such a large gap between my march and july blog posts. I got “writer’s block” (builder’s block ?) and just couldn’t find a way to make that dang thing work. So I looked at that custom again, and noticed he used Barbatos parts up to the thighs. It’s really hard to see, but when you’ve been staring at the kit on your desk for a month, it just clicks.

Speaking of clicking, I quickly noticed making a connection between the thighs and the Saix legs would be no easy feat. I thought about using magnets, but for a part that will bear weight and be moved around trying to get a good standing position, I knew it wouldn’t hold. So the only logical solution was the tried and true method of drilling holes and using some runner parts. Maybe some glue when all is said and done to help friction do its job.


Here it is. It’s the first pic I snapped, but I had already made several tests with different feet combinations. I’m pretty proud of that one, using the Barbatos ankle guards, Saix feet and some magnets to hold everything together. You can see the Kampfer silently judging me from the corner.

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WIP – Barbatos Lupus Rex – 1

Here it is ! My actual first post about this build. I talked about it a bit in a “misc” post, but I never got around to starting a blog post for it. When I started building the Lupus Rex, I had a simple project in mind : a weathered Barbatos, in a lunging position. Ideally with the claws to the ground and some wicked cool scratch marks on the acrylic glass.

Here’s a quick pic mid-build. I really like the Lupus Rex Design and the IBO Full Mechanics series :


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WIP – MG Nu ver Ka – 3

Another big gap between updates. I’m almost done with Monster Hunter World AND the weather is getting better ! That means I’ll soon be able to paint so there will be more frequent updates ! Yeah, I don’t believe it either.

Quick mention of the “Lupus Rex” project, as is now custom. I was struggling to make him look nice with reverse jointed legs so I kinda lost interest in it. Then I saw a nice custom involving the legs of a Zoid that piqued my interest. I’ve since ordered a “Lightning Saix” and plan on resuming my custom build soon. The chest part looks nice so, who knows ? Maybe I’ll do a full blown kitbash and not simply slap the Saix legs on the Lupus Rex ?

Anyway, let’s not get side tracked, or else that post will end up being another “misc” post, and not a Nu WIP.

As a reminder, for this build I’m focusing on a “simple” paint work (as in, again no shading nor weathering), using gold paint and gold decals to detail an otherwise majorly dark color scheme. That means not a lot of scribing / pla-plating (the Nu is plenty detailed already). I did add some metal parts that I plan to paint in gold. Kind of a shame to cover them with paint, really, since they are naturally metallic (being, well, made of metal), but I’m afraid the silver will look out of place amongst all this gold.


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WIP – MG Nu ver Ka – 2

Uh, so almost a month and a half passed since the last update… I blame Monster Hunter World.

With that cold weather I didn’t get a lot of work done, considering most of the customization on this project is done using paint. I worked a bit on the Lupus Rex but since I can’t pose it to save my life I’ve just shelved it for the time being.

I did my (least) favorite thing in plamodeling : seamline fixing. It turned out alright this time after priming. The seamlines are invisible but I did oversand a bit :


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Completed work : Jesta Scorpius Kai

Here it is folks, after 6 months of on-and-off work, my GBWC entry. I have mixed feelings about it. There are some parts that I definitely could have done better, but on the other hand it’s without any doubts my finest piece so far.

Here are the pics I sent when I made my entry. I would have preferred to participate physically but I’m not exactly sure when and where it will be held. It’s the first year for my country and I didn’t quite get the finer details.


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WIP – MG Jesta – 11

So I’m just about putting the finishing touches on that project. The only things I have left in my to-do list are some red accent on the shoulders vents, chrome / aluminium on the knees, maybe work on that acrylic base and, last but not least, those damn shoulder radiators.

Now for the red accent, I’ve tried masking several times but couldn’t get anything satisfactory, so I settled for some good old freehand paintbrush action. Kinda scary, actually…



It turned out pretty well, in the end ! With hindsight I should have paintbrushed the pipe too, but it’s glued and I’m not sure what color would fit well here.

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